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Lorin Benedict: Home

Hi there! I'm a scat singer. No, really. Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, April 29th, 2018

Two Bird Cafe at The Valley Inn

In the Wilds of San Geronimo with Owen Clapp - 6:45pm - 9:00pm

625 San Geronimo Valley Dr.
San Geronimo California 94963
Price: not sure (probably tips)

I will be playing duo with the GREAT bass player, Owen Clapp.

Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Figure 8 Recording

Sam Ospovat recording session - all day (+ the following day)

Prospect Heights
Brooklyn New York USA

I'll be doing some recording on drummer/composer Sam Ospovat's new project, also involving bass player Kim Cass and pianist Matt Mitchell. I'm only going to do one tune with them, actually, but it's a DOOZY (for me, anyway; Sam and Kim and I performed an early version of it once before, and The Holly Martins have messed with it too, but this new version is more involved)... wish me luck/skill !!

Monday, May 7th, 2018

Downtown Music Gallery

Lorin Benedict + Maria Grand + Caroline Davis - 6:30pm

13 Monroe St.
Manhattan New York 10002
Uni (212) 473-0043
Price: free

I will be playing in trio format with two great saxophonists: Maria Grand (tenor), and Caroline Davis (alto). We'll be exploring all three duo combinations as well... AND we'll do some solos too. Fun!  :)

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