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Lorin Benedict: Links

Lorin Benedict: The Bathroom Series

OK... so this isn't a link to someone else... it's a link to me. Or more precisely, to my youtube channel, which is devoted solely to my solo "work", videoed by me with my cell phone (hand-held, of course) in my bathroom. The point of this is threefold: 1. I want to document my attempts to work on being musical and precise all by myself, with no other sonic input. 2. I've always enjoyed the field of solo improvisation in a strictly musical sense- and in this context (i.e., tune playing), I like how it is often sensible for the soloist to "accompany one's self" in various ways. 3. My bathroom, like most, is highly reverberant, therefore requiring no amplification for me to be heard even when singing quite softly; also, I actually dig the distorted, overly compressed sonic rendering of my voice via the cell phone mic-- DARK :)

Kasey Knudsen's site
Eric Vogler's site

Create your own practice track!

Sam Ospovat
Edgetone Records

The label I'm on.

Ian Carey's site
Malik Ameer's site
Transbay Creative Music Calendar

Find out what's going on in strange-music world, CA

Matt Otto's site

The man!!!!!

Howard Wiley's site
John Schott's site
Mitch Marcus' site
Tim Perkis' site

Electronic music pioneer. Check out his exceedingly well-reasoned writings, among other things.

Julie Barwick's composition site

Very interesting young composer and classical pianist... and our very own KlugigHorn!!!  :)

Leopold Godowsky informational site

More people need to check out the work of this ULTRA-bad MF'er! Just get whatever recordings Marc-Andre Hamelin has made of his stuff. Konstantin Sherbakov can be checked out too, as he's in the throes of recording all of Godowsky's published works... AND... check out the vintage recordings of the man himself on the 3-CD set from Marston Records.

C.P.E. Bach Wikipedia page

People are sleeping on this cat too, BIG TIME. Check out his solo piano music--- craaaaaazy!!

The "Physics Lorin Benedict"

What I do when I'm not scatting.