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Lorin Benedict: Music

The Best Thing For You Is Me (practice along with midi chords)

(Lorin Benedict)
April 9, 2011

Probably my all-time favorite standard, written by none other than Irving Berlin. Introduced to me by Joe Cohen and Eric Markowitz. I think it was introduced to them by Graham Connah. I'm trying to be a little bit slick, voice-leading-wise, at the start of my improvisation. A great tune like this lends itself to all manner of hipness. Of course, as per my usual, it's always a struggle for me to render the notes with sufficient clarity to make my ideas manifest. Not that my ideas are all that great... but shit, I'd like to at least get to the point where they can be heard without the listener straining to make them out. I may never reach this point :(

The background track of block chords is the usual job.