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Lorin Benedict: Music

Bleeding Vector at the SIMM Series

(Bleeding Vector)
May 28, 2011

Bleeding Vector (Eric Vogler- guitar, Lorin Benedict- scatting) at the Rent Romus- and Bill Noertker-curated SIMM Series, which takes place every other Sunday at the San Francisco Musician's Union Hall. This particular set of music was transacted on 5/22/11. Here, Eric and I play an uninterrupted rondo (i.e., ABACADA...A) where the A section is the chord progression from Steve Coleman's Ascending Numeration... it could have been anything, really... the point was for us to try to play each A notably differently from the others, and then to fill in the rest with other things which take the listener on a journey of sorts. 

We had our usual inaccuracies in terms of time, mixed-up rhythms, etc., here and there, but in general, I think the whole thing comes off. In particular, I think Eric sounds truly fantastic throughout! See what you think.