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Lorin Benedict: Music

Stella By Starlight (practice along with midi chords)

(Lorin Benedict)
June 19, 2011

I had a different version of this same tune up here before, but I've decided to replace it with this one (recorded on 6/19/11), since I felt (right after listening back to it) that it was possibly the most fully-realized example of the manner in which I am often trying to improvise. In particular, I have been attempting to anticipate in interesting ways of late. And here, I feel I may have succeeded a bit more than is typically my norm. Now, I hasten to add that this is certainly not the "smoothest" my delivery has been, vocally speaking, but whatever... I was in a decidedly aggressive (and I might add, overconfident!) mood on this particular evening.

The other sounds are those made by my girlfriend Rebecca 1) washing some dishes, and 2) engaging our two cats :)