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Lorin Benedict: Music

The Holly Martins + Jon Arkin at the Actual Cafe

(The Holly Martins + Jon Arkin)
December 18, 2011

The Holly Martins (Eric, Kasey, me) + drummer Jon Arkin= The Holly Markins!! :)

This was the second set of a Kasey Knudsen-curated afternoon at the Actual Cafe (as part of the "Actual Jazz Series") in Oakland, CA on 12/18/11. The first set was the excellent Maya Kronfeld Trio. I include our whole set here... there's a minute or so of us aimlessly rustling about before Eric stars the thing off, solo. This collection of music features us playing in various combinations- which includes a fantabuous Jon Arkin solo as the 4th selection!! At the end, we finally all play together in an extended mini-suite of sorts, involving a couple of our usual "favorites".