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Lorin Benedict: Music

Holly Martins workshop at Willamette University

(The Holly Martins)
March 8, 2012

The Holly Martins (Eric Vogler- guitar, Kasey Knudsen- alto sax, Lorin Benedict- scatting) did an afternoon workshop and then an evening concert at Willamette University in Salem, OR on 2/23/12. And since I stupidly forgot to turn on my damned mp3 recorder before the start of the concert, here is the workshop instead, in its entirety. We start by discussing our oft-performed piece, Schu-Schu (which includes us performing a few short versions of it), we take general questions, and then (around 38:00) we do a Bird blues. More questions... including an unexpected (but very welcome!) one about our views and experiences being "professional" musicians (the quotes specifically applying to me), and then we end it with the Irving Berlin tune, The Best Thing For You Is Me (49:00).

You might want to listen to it on headphones if you want to hear the student's questions and our responses, which weren't mic-ed. Oh, and you'll also hear the voice of the main improvised music professor up there, pianist/composer James Miley.