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Lorin Benedict: Music

Like Someone In Love

(Lorin Benedict)
April 3, 2012

Here's a track of me doing the standard tune, solo. This was recorded in the wonderfully reverberant kitchen of the house in which we stayed on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica during the last week of March, 2012. While the others were on yet another hike, I stayed behind to do this and many other tracks... I'm starting to work in earnest on my solo chops. I have a long way to go, of course, but I do indeed plan to do a solo recording at some point... in the distant future... so no time like the present to begin shoring up my weak points in that department. But geez, I'd love to do said recording in this damned kitchen!... that is, if it wasn't so ridiculously hot and humid (and so very far away).