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Lorin Benedict: Music


(Tim Perkis and Lorin Benedict)
July 28, 2010

This is the third in a set of three improvisations involving myself and electronic musician Tim Perkis (co-founder of the HUB and the League of Automatic Music Composers, and participant in a nearly uncountable set of collaborations with other improvisors, electronic and acoustic). It was recorded while jamming (for the first time) together at his house in Albany, CA. We plan to get together more and develop this a bit. But we felt that this track might already be of some interest to a subset of you.

The volume level is quite low on this one, so to hear the many subtleties of Tim's playing, I strongly suggest that you listen on headphones.

Oh, and I should add that my scatting is... well... weirder here than in more overtly traditional contexts :)