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Lorin Benedict: Music

Bleeding Vector live at Jesse Rimler's

(Bleeding Vector)
January 1, 2014

This was the third set in a three-set extravaganza on 12/28/13 that also included solo Jesse Rimler and The Future Scares Me (from NYC). I was hesitant to put this set of ours online at first, because after listening back to it initially, I was VERY disappointed with my singing, generally, in many ways. Too aggressive, not relaxed enough, inaccurate in a great many places, etc. But I think Eric Vogler sounds really great throughout, and I also think that the thing as a whole more or less works, given what we were trying to do. It's a continuous ~ 25 minute suite of music, divided into a number of distinct movements which refer (some rather directly and some less directly) to sources such as Franz Schubert, Jerome Kern, Tim Perkis, etc. Please excuse the sound-check and associated fumbling at the start of the track; the actual music begins around 1:40.