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Lorin Benedict: Music

Holly Martins at the Luggage Store Gallery

(The Holly Martins)
March 16, 2014

The Holly Martins (Eric Vogler- guitar, Kasey Knudsen- alto saxophone, Lorin Benedict- scatting) played the Outsound series Luggage Store Gallery on 3/13/14. That performance space is VERY reverberant. With respect to this recording, this has a few notable consequences: 1. My long-tones sound far better than they have any right to sound. 2. Lots of the contrapuntal stuff (which is one of the main points of this band) is pretty washed-out and indistinct, unfortunately. 3. Due to 2, our attacks were often more staggered than they normally would have been, since it was pretty hard to hear exactly what was going on, in the moment. Oh well... I think some of it sort of came off alright, considering.