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Lorin Benedict: Music

Bleeding Vector at Berkeley Arts

(Bleeding Vector)
January 18, 2015

This is a live performance (2nd set was the fantastic trio of Phillip Greenlief, Max Johnson, and Jordan Glenn) at Berkeley Arts on 1/11/15. The band is Bleeding Vector, which is Eric Vogler- guitar. and me- scatting.

Here is what we played in this set, all of which is included here in this one long track:

1. Zyskov (E. Vogler) + Some Things Are Worse Than Others (E. Vogler, after J. Kern's All the Things You Are)

2. Lorin solo and then both duo in an improvisation on How Deep Is the Ocean (I. Berlin)

3. Eric solo and then both duo playing Life's a Fraud (E. Vogler) + Schu-Schu (E. Vogler, L. Benedict)

4. Improvisation on The Best Thing For You (I. Berlin)