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An Expansive Approach to Vocal Improvisation- Online Workshop

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over Zoom, N/A, N/A

I will be leading a workshop under the auspices of Berkeley's California Jazz Conservatory. It will be conducted in 2 parts, separated by a ~1 hour break, during which the students will be able to work on a few exercises, assigned by me. Other free-wheeling discussions/demonstrations will be conducted as well.


Benedict-Levis Duo at SIMM

San Francisco Musicians Union Hall, 116 9th St., San Francisco, CA

Drummer/composer Jason Levis and I will present a set of composed and improvised pieces. We did this once before, several years ago (and also in the SIMM series). We're excited to try it again!

$10 or so


The Art of Skatch

Sherman Street Studios, 16 Sherman St., San Francisco

This will be the closing event of a few-week visual exhibit of the invented instruments of Tom Nunn. Reception at 7pm, and performances starting at 8pm. The performances will involve the duo, T.D. Skatchit (Tom Nunn + David Michalak, playing the aforementioned invented instruments!), and they will be joining forces with three different sets of collaborators: 1. Chris Brown (electronics), 2. Dean Santomieri (spoken word), and 3. the vocal "choir" of Ron Heglin, Kattt Atchley, and Lorin Benedict. I can't wait for this!! :)


Perkis-Benedict Duo at the MakeOut!

Makeout Room, 3225 22nd St., San Francisco, CA

Electronics improvisor Tim Perkis and I have been hard at work recently on material for a duo project, and we will finally be premiering it live at this show! YAY!!

nada (but please tip!)


The Holly Martins play the Active Music Series

The Uptown, 1928 Telegraph, Oakland, CA

The Holly Martins (Kasey Knudsen- alto saxophone, Eric Vogler- guitar, and Lorin Benedict- voice) play the Active Music Series for the very first time. There will be two other sets as well: Cory Wright's Fellow Hominids, and Phillip Greenlief's Birthday celebration set.

$5 - $15 sliding scale


The Holly Martins play the Way Out West Series

California Jazz Conservatory, 2087 Addison St., Berkeley, CA

The Holly Martins (Kasey Knudsen- alto sax, Eric Vogler- guitar, and me- voice) will play the CJC's Way Out West Series, in which it is stipulated that one or more new compositions are unearthed at each event. As such, we'll be hard at work conceptualizing/writing/rehearsing a brand new piece for this! And we'll do a few other things as well, no doubt. It'll be one LONG (~ 75 minute) set for your listening pleasure.

$15, I think (?)


Logan Kane / Lorin Benedict Duo

Private house in San Jose, CA, email me for details!, San Jose, CA

Bassist Logan Kane and I will be performing our duo material (including some of the same stuff we did in our relatively recent Blue Whale show), along with other fun things, at this house concert in San Jose! This will be our officially-unofficial album release show for our soon-to-drop offering, NO RELATION NO PROBLEM. If you're interested in attending, email me for the specific location (email address in the "Contact" tab of this site).


Ian Carey small ensemble at the Luggage Store

Luggage Store Gallery, 1007 Market St. @ 6th St., San Francisco, CA

Trumpeter/composer Ian Carey leads this small ensemble including me on voice and Jon Arkin on drums.

$10 or so


Knudsen-Benedict Duo at the MakeOut!

Makeout Room, 3225 22nd St., San Francisco, CA

Kasey Knudsen- alto saxophone, and Yours Truly- voice-a-phone, will play a series of duo improvisations, as part of a 3-set extravaganza also including the Jon Raskin-Kevin Corcoran Duo AND a quintet led by Michael Dessen (w/ Perkis, Mezzacappa, Schenck, and Nordeson)!

nada (but please tip!)


Thumpasaurus in Berkeley

Cornerstone, 2367 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA

I'll be making a brief guest appearance with the band Thumpasaurus.


Logan Kane at the Blue Whale

Blue Whale, 123 Astronaut E S Onizuka St. Suite 301, Los Angeles, CA

Logan Kane (bass, composition) is leading two sets' worth of ensembles. Besides me on voice, other confirmed participants (so far) include Luca Mendoza- keyboards, and Ben Ring- drums. By the way, this will be my very first time playing at this celebrated venue (in fact, I've never even BEEN there before)! Logan and I may pull out some bass-voice duo shit on this one; we'll see.


Duo with Jed Holtman

House Concert in Placerville, email me for details, Placerville, CA

Guitarist Jed Holtman and I will be playing duo at this multi-band HOUSE CONCERT extravaganza, in Placerville, CA. I've never played in Placerville before, nor have I ever played anywhere in El Dorado County before (!). Furthermore, I've long felt that the format of the house concert is ripe in our idiom for increasingly serious consideration-- meaning that we should be learning from our colleagues in the Indian classical tradition. So I'm excited about this on many levels. 


The Holly Martins at Monday Makeout

Makeout Room, 3225 22nd St., San Francisco, CA

The Holly Martins (Kasey Knudsen- alto saxophone, Eric Vogler- guitar, Lorin Benedict- voice) will play once again at the now-venerable Monday Makeout series.

donation of one's choosing


Benedict-Holtman Duo

Octopus Literary Salon, 2101 Webster St. #170, Oakland, CA

Guitarist Jed Holtman and I will be playing duo at this charming downtown Oakland space. We will be opening for a group led by guitarist Daniel Mandrychenko (featuring Dann Zinn, Danny Castro, and Evan Williams).

not sure


Fluke-Mogul/Benedict Duo

Luggage Store Gallery, 1007 Market St. @ 6th St., San Francisco, CA

I will do a set of improvising with violinist Gabby Fluke-Mogul, a mainstay of the Bay Area improvised music community and a frequent contributor to Oakland's "Active Music Series". We will be the 1st set; the group Faults (Jorge Bachmann, Jaroba, and Kevin Corcoran) will be on 2nd.

$10 or so


Workshop/masterclass with Caroline Davis

Stanford Jazz Workshop, PO Box 20454, Stanford, CA


Heglin-Benedict Duo at Adobe Books

Adobe Books, 3130 24th St., San Francisco, CA

The Ron Heglin / Lorin Benedict duo will perform a set of free improvisations at Adobe Books, in support of the release of their Artifact Records album, "Duos and Solos". Joining the bill will be reed player Matt Ingalls, and The Lake Millions.



Caroline Davis + Lorin Benedict + Sam Ospovat

Balboa, 1655 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY

Alto saxophonist Caroline Davis, percussionist Sam Ospovat, and I will be performing a set of improvised music at this Crown Heights venue, under the auspices of the suggestively-named series, "A.E. Randolph Presents". Also joining the bill will be a group led by trumpeter Kenny Warren.

not sure


Sam Ospovat's Ride Angles album release show

ibeam Brooklyn, 168 7th St., Brooklyn, New York

Sam Ospovat's first album as a leader since moving to NYC will be released at this show. The album is called Ride Angles, and both this album and this gig will feature the core trio of Sam on drums and composition, Matt Mitchell on piano, and Kim Cass on bass. Also joining will be Nick Lyons on alto saxophone and Brandon Seabrook on guitar. I'll be on voice (what else?!) on a few tunes.

not sure yet


Ospovat-Cass-Benedict trio

Spectrum, 70 Flushing Ave., Garage A, Brooklyn, NY

Drummer/composer Sam Ospovat will be leading this trio involving Kim Cass on bass and yours truly on voice. We'll be doing some of Sam's compositions, plus some other things. Frankly, I'm just excited to be playing at a place which features the phrase "Garage A" in its address!!!!!

not sure