The Holly Martins (Eric Vogler- guitar, Kasey Knudsen- alto sax, me- scatting) play the improvised music series (so called "SIMM" series) at the SF Musicians Union on 4/7/13. We opened for Bill Noertker's group Noertker's Moxie.
In this roughly 30-minute set, we play a suite inspired by the music of Randy McKean's Bristle, a new thing of ours (currently in development) tentatively called SONIST, and a Vogler-reworked Coltrane tune. Flubs here than there; it is what it is.
Oh, 2 things pertaining to this recording: 1. The actual music starts around 2:25 or so, but I left the beginning part in because I announce some stuff... but then Eric continues to tune for the next minute or so, which is why there's a couple of minutes on the track before we start playing. 2. I inadvertently set my recorder on "medium mic gain", so everything's a bit quiet (but at least it doesn't clip), so it's probably best listened to on headphones.