The Holly Martins (Eric Vogler- guitar, Kasey Knudsen- alto saxophone, Lorin Benedict- voice) will play an hour-long set before the start of the opening night of The Totalitarians, a play by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb. This production is being put on by Sixth Line Studios, a company run by our good friend Katie Rubin. Katie is directing the play as well!


I will be joined in duet with the WONDERFUL Marin County upright bass-player, Owen Clapp. We will be doing a concert at a great new-ish house concert series put on by a really cool singer friend of mine named Janel. I went to one of these last month (might have been the first one, in fact!) involving fingerpicking guitarist Richard Smith and it was awesome; great music, great audience, and great food! More details soon...