Lorin Benedict + Jeong Lim Yang & Santiago Leibson

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The Bistro, 1001 B St., Hayward, CA

I will be making music with the GREAT NY-based bassist, composer, and bandleader Jeong Lim Yang, and ALSO the wonderful NY-based pianist Santiago Leibson. They'll both be out here doing a west-coast tour with Lim's Zodiac Suite Trio (with the 3rd member being Gerald Cleaver), but Lim and I wanted to set aside some time to play with each other BEFORE that all kicks off ;)


I will be mixing it up with the WONDERFUL duo, AURA, which is Marcos Morales Valdes on drums, and Odalys Caro on keyboards. I'm REALLY, REALLY excited for this, to put it mildly!! And it's been quite some time since I last performed at this FANTASTIC yearly event. We'll be playing from 2:30pm - 3:10pm (exactly!), in the Taube Atrium Theater within the SF War Memorial Building.


Lorin Benedict, Kai Lyons, Howard Wiley, and Eric Markowitz play the Stow Lake Boathouse Jazz series

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Stow Lake Boathouse, 50 Stow Lake Drive East, San Francisco, CA

Lorin Benedict- voice, Kai Lyons- guitar, Howard Wiley- drums, and Eric Markowitz- bass play this GREAT series within the urban/sylvan wonder of Golden Gate Park. These events are quite unique in that the typical audience member signs up to attend WITHOUT knowing WHO will be playing on any given occasion! But YOU know who'll be playing there on THIS occasion, because you're reading this very event listing!! ;)