stuff, more same, and...

Hi folk(s)! Well, I have nothing of much significance to say, as I've been focusing a bit more on my non-musical endeavors of late. Nevertheless, I have managed to do a few stimulating gigs in the past few months. The Holly Martins played at the wonderful John Schott-curated Berkeley Arts Festival; Bleeding Vector played at the SIMM Series at the SF Musicians Union; and a new band in which I am a member played (twice!) at Bird and Beckett Books. What I've been mainly dealing with, however, in the musical realm, is working on voice-leading in the context of fairly traditional structures possessing a goodly amount of functional harmony... I hope that the recent entries in the Practice subsection of the Music section of this site bear this out.

And then I've been listening, of course! In this area, I've been particularly enamored with MC Breed, formerly of Flint, MI (and now, sadly, deceased as of 2008). And then also some of Franz Liszt's Sonetti Di Petrarca as played by Jorge Bolet- that second one is really killing me! Finally, Pluripotent, by pianist Corey Smythe!!!!!!! check that one out if you haven't already. Shit's deep.