This is a brief < 10 minute selection performed on 4/27/14 at the Salon of composer Andrea Clearfield in Philadelphia. It features Sam Ospovat- drums and percussion, Tom Kraines- cello, and yours truly- scatting. Our "piece" was freely improvised, and constituted the 5th set of a 10-set extravaganza (!) involving MOSTLY composed music played by folks representing a wide stylistic range.
It was really great for us (Sam and myself) to play with a commanding instrumentalist such as Tom. If I may editorialize... it is often the case that folks who dedicate themselves to the discipline of improvisation are also those (these days, anyway) who are somewhat less adept in terms of instrumental prowess and basic musicianship (like ME for instance- hello!!). But Tom is different, as he is a serious-business interpreter of western classical music AND a no-nonsense improvisor. Incidentally, he's also a very accomplished composer (no surprise there, given the aforementioned). Check out some of his compositions here:  And check out some of his current work as an interpreter in the context of the Daedalus String Quartet, his "main gig" at present, here: