Private sfSound "test" concert at a new Oakland space

somewhere on Telegraph Ave., Oakland

Matt Ingalls of sfSound is organizing this "test" concert at a newly-converted Oakland mortuary (!!), to see if having (post-pandemic) live music there is likely to make sense. Only vaccinated performers will be playing, and only a select set of (similarly vaccinated) folks will act as audience members. Matt will be associating the musicians into small groups, and each such group will engage in free, collective improvisation. The confirmed list of participants is: Matt on reeds, Kanoko Nishi on koto, Crystal Pascucci on cello, Chris Brown on piano, Sharkiface on electronics, Danishta Rivero on voice and electronics, Kyle Bruckmann on oboe, Mark Clifford on vibes, Tom Dambly on trumpet, Jordan Glenn on drums, Phillip Greenlief on reeds, Jacob Felix Heule on percussion, Diane Gubbe on flute, John Ingle on saxophone, Brendan Lai-Tong on trombone, Kjell Nordeson on percussion, Monica Scott on cello, Hallie Smith on violin, and Yours Truly on voice.