in the hood! :)

We've made the move to Oakland!! I feel much more at home here, to be honest. Plus, most of my musical collaborators are within a couple miles of me now. Speaking of some of them: The Holly Martins (me, Kasey Knudsen, Eric Vogler) just did two stimulating stints at various colleges. The first was a many-hour performance/workshop at the Sonoma State university Jazz program, and the second was an afternoon performance/workshop followed by an evening concert at Willamette University in Salem, OR. Fun! Especially hanging in Eugene the night before and the day after. As for another east bay collaborator, I am excited to announce that my next recording project will be a duo album with drummer/percussionist Sam Ospovat. This as yet untitled opus will feature us doing original improvised stuff, longer structured pieces involving (I know... I said I never would) TEXT, and a few standards from the jazz continuum. We'll be recording in June or thereabouts. Also, Sam is about to release an album of his "solo" project, PIKI, in which I've participated on its first track, entitled "Tow-Away Zone". It's a pretty engaging piece that involves many other Bay Area improvisers (Jordan Glenn, Karl Evangelista, Phillip Greenlief, Michael Coleman, Lisa Mezzacappa, Mark Clifford, Jacob Zimmerman, Aram Shelton, Jim Ryan), plus... AN EGG-TIMER!!! Seriously. Anywho, looking forward to additional stimulating East Bay times :)